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Pair Of Painting Projects This Summer For Jackson

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Pair Of Painting Projects This Summer For Jackson

The Jackson County Schools accepting bids for a pair of painting projects at Jackson County Middle School and Gainesboro Elementary School.

Director of Schools Jason Hardy said Jackson County Middle School is set to receive an entirely new paint job throughout the school’s interior. He said at the elementary school, a portion of the exterior that faces the road will be touched up to make that side of the school more appealing.

“We redid the front last year and the side away from the highway,” Hardy said. “But there’s a spot on the highway that, for whatever reason, didn’t get finished and it’s a pretty big eyesore, so we want to make that, you know, looking just like the rest of the building. So, I think it’ll be a lot better when people pass by.”

Hardy said the district tries to get projects like these completed during the summer so walls are not covered with wet paint while the school is occupied. He said with summer school, there are only a couple of weeks where a project like interior can get done without the new coat being susceptible to smearing from students walking the halls.

He said the district’s maintenance team will also knock out some isolated painting touchups while the major painting is underway.

“We want the best job for the money and we want to save our money,” Hardy said. “But we also want to do it the right way, so hopefully, we’ll get in some good bids from different people and we can have the board make the best choice.”

He said the board has been fortunate to get good bids from local painters in the past who have done a good job on other projects. He said the decision will ultimately come down to getting the most bang for their buck.


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