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Police Trying To Get Those Entering Algood To Slow Down

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Police Trying To Get Those Entering Algood To Slow Down

The Algood Police Department implementing educational tactics to combat speeding on Dry Valley Road and Mirandy Road.

Police Chief Dale Armour said the city has purchased two large, digital signs to warn drivers that they might be speeding. He said on Dry Valley Road, the speed limit drops when drivers enter Algood city limits, but many do not slow down. He said there are two separate schools on Dry Valley Road, making safe driving all the more important.

“We do our best to stay out there as much as we can,” Armour said. “I want my officers visible. We have, in the past, have put some unoccupied police cars in high-visibility areas just so people will see them and slow down, then after several days, we might replace them with an officer sitting in a car. So if they didn’t learn, then they’re subject to getting a ticket.”

Armour said he favors education before enforcement. He said the department made 101 traffic stops last month, but only some 40 percent of those resulted in tickets.

“I’ve caught it myself coming in,” Armour said. “I catch up with somebody and, you know, they’re running 45 miles per hour coming into our city. I don’t know if they know where the city limits sign is, but it’s very well posted out there. Normally on something like that, I’ll hit the blue lights or whatever and make sure they understand they need to slow down, but Dry Valley has always been a primary. I think it’s straight and people utilize it. It’s a lot of traffic.”

He said even since the city began setting up digital signs and setting up “Slow Down Tennessee” yard signs, he has received several calls from concerned residents complaining about speeding. He said he plans to continue to focus on areas with schools and send officers to neighborhoods without sidewalks in the morning and afternoon to help ensure children make it home safely.

“I had a lady come in the other day complaining that she had gotten a ticket in a 15-mile-an-hour school zone with the light flashing,” Armour said. “I didn’t have much sympathy for her when I realized the ticket was written that she was doing 50 miles an hour. But for the most part, we try to give the public a chance to slow down, understand what we’re trying to do, and if we have to, then we’ll ticket.”


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