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Tech’s Wilmore Remains On Ground

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tech’s Wilmore Remains On Ground

Tennessee Tech Trustee Barry Wilmore remains on the ground, after NASA stopped countdown Monday two hours prior to liftoff.

Trouble with a valve in the rocket’s upper stage, the reason. Wilmore and his co-pilot were strapping in, when NASA called off the Monday liftoff. Early Tuesday, NASA announced the launch would be delayed until at least Friday.

“To complete data analysis on a pressure regulation valve on the liquid oxygen tank of the Atlas 54 rocket’s Centaur upper stage and determine whether it is necessary to replace the valve.” NASA said in a post.

If the valve checks out, the Starliner could be set for launch Friday night. If it has to be replaced, the delay could be into next week. The Boeing Starliner is the newest NASA space travel machine.

Wilmore had planned to visit with Tennessee Tech students Friday from the International Space Station as part of the trip.


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