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Clay Sanitation Running Week-Long Spring Cleanup Event

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Clay Sanitation Running Week-Long Spring Cleanup Event

The Clay County Sanitation Department asking residents to pitch in during its annual spring cleanup event this week.

Administrative Assistant Meghan Deckard said the team goes to a different district in the county each weekday and take requests from citizens to come pick up specific kinds of trash like glass, motor oil, and scrap metal. Deckard said there are many people moving to the area, so many residents are not familiar with the department and its different facilities.

“So we’re hoping by being able to go around and meet these people and greet them and help them out with this stuff, that maybe they – we can reach more people in the community and better serve them,” Deckard said.

Deckard said the event is a form of community outreach that allows them to help people who do not have the ability to transport these items themselves. She said the event is also a good way to get more recyclables to contribute to the county’s funds.

“All of our recyclables that we deal with down here is revenue for our county to, like, improve things, make sure our equipment stays up,” Deckard said. “And that way we’re able to accommodate our residents better.”

Deckard said they are also taking aluminum, paper, clothing, and all kinds of plastics.

“We’re hoping that some things like this, if not potentially more events like this, we can hopefully reach people and get things, hopefully, out of their way,” Deckard said.

Deckard said they are not picking up regular household trash bags, yard waste, or items that the department requires a fee to take, such as tires or mattresses.


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