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White School Board Graduates Its First Ever Student

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
White School Board Graduates Its First Ever Student

The White County School Board celebrated senior Max Simmons, its first-ever student representative on the school board.

Simmons and junior Joy McGill have served on the school board to offer a student’s perspective as the board strives to make decisions that will positively affect them and their classmates. Simmons said he learned a great deal and was entertained at every meeting. He said he was proud to represent his classmates and help move the district in a direction that best serves them.

“I know that a lot of students will come after me but I hope that we started off strong and I hope that I didn’t put a bad taste in your mouth or anything for having students at this table,” Simmons said. “And I’m glad that you’ve given us a voice and I’m glad that I was the first one to have it, so thank you guys.”

Board member Jayson McDonald said he was not quite sure to expect when he learned students would join the board. He said Simmons has given the board a first-person perspective on the climate of White County High School and the needs therein.

“Having Max and Ms. McGill on our board has been really helpful for me, just to get their perspective on a lot of things. We’ve asked them some tough questions and it’s been enlightening for us to get to hear their perspective, just coming out of the high school.”

Board Member Dewayne Howard said Simmons should be proud of his service and look at it as an impressive accomplishment. He said was blown away by his maturity and could not think of any two better students to represent their school. Director of Schools Kurt Dronebarger commended Simmons’s willingness to volunteer time each month for the betterment of his school system.

“I appreciate you giving us that time and giving us, really, your wisdom as a student and what it looks like,” Dronebarger said. “What we decide, and every decision that I make, I try and look at how it affects students, and it’s been valuable, invaluable, for you to share how those things really affect you as a student.”

Simmons will graduate next year and McGill will continue to serve as a senior next year.


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