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Cravens: Schools, Commissioners Understand Fiscal Issues

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cravens: Schools, Commissioners Understand Fiscal Issues

Putnam County School Board Chair Kim Cravens said she believes the school board and county commissioners are on the same page about upcoming educational needs in the county.

The two bodies discussed both the upcoming fiscal year budget during a meeting last week and more long-term issues. Cravens said the meeting helped create a mutual understanding of what the school system needs and how much money is available to satisfy those needs.

“We don’t ever want to blindside them with anything,” Cravens said. “Of course, we always have unexpected costs, but we certainly try to plan things out. So, it’s just a great way to present some things that we’re looking at, maybe not just this year, but down the road, so that things can get put on their radar.”

Cravens said the bulk of their questions were centered on “where,” “when,” and “why.” Where are we doing this, when do we want it done, and why is it important? She said school board members will continue to attend budget meetings over the coming months to answer questions and provide context when the school system’s budget is discussed.

“I think it’s vital, just for the relationship to keep an open door,” Cravens said. “We don’t ever want to surprise them with anything. We don’t want them to think we’re trying to work against them in any shape, form, or fashion. So, the open door of communication is just essential and I think it’s great that we do this.”

She said Energy Services Group attended the meeting to give a presentation on its proposed plans for the renovation of the existing Park View School. She said that the project would require bond money in coming years.

“We’re looking more at the bond issue, and then also, just some long-term capital projects is where we would be looking,” Cravens said. “So, I think that overall, it was a great meeting and gave them a lot more information.”

Cravens said there was a good turnout and she looks forward to continued work alongside the commissioners as the budget process runs its course.


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