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Jackson Schools Director Scores 4.2 On Evaluation

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Schools Director Scores 4.2 On Evaluation

Jackson County Director of Schools Jason Hardy received an overall score of 4.2 out of 5 on his annual evaluation from the County School Board.

Chairman Mark Brown said Hardy was graded across a number of categories including strategic planning, financial management, and his relationship with the board, staff, and community. Brown said he appreciates all of the hard work that Hardy has put into his job as director.

“I think Mr. Hardy’s done a super good job so far,” Brown said. “I think he’s, like all of us, been here long enough, but still learning, and willing to learn and going to learn. And I’m still learning. I’ve been here twenty-four years, and I’m still learning. And he’s willing to learn.”

Brown said the board will have to discuss whether it wants to extend Hardy’s contract before it expires next year. He said the board is working with the community to ensure the evaluation and negotiation process is handled properly.

“We’re trying to do due diligence of doing evaluations, talking to the community, talk to our people, talk to, you know, and, we’re y’all’s representatives, and we’re the ones that y’all talk to on what goes on ’cause we make, that’s one decision that we make,” Brown said.

Brown said it is important to leave people room to grow when doing evaluations. Brown said the board should consider the matter at their next meeting.

“We got to talk about what we’re going to in the sense is – on account of it being an election year, you know, on the forty-five days on election thing,” Brown said.


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