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Livingston Acquires New Infrastructure Data System

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Acquires New Infrastructure Data System

Livingston approved the purchase of a geographic information system (GIS) designed to map the city’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

Magnolia River Director of GIS Allisyn Hudson said the system will be part of an asset management plan that the city must complete to be eligible for ARP funding. Hudson said the system can be further enhanced and developed over time as the city sees fit.

“We would design a database that is specifically tailored to meet all stipulations that have been laid out in the ARP AMP checklist,” Hudson said. “In addition to that, we would stand up a cloud-based geo-spatial system that allows for the mapping of the water and wastewater assets.”

Hudson said that Magnolia River would also begin the process of populating the map with relevant information. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the system will cost the city $27,500.

“If you don’t get this done, you don’t get the money, and we’re talking about millions of dollars, so that’s – at the end of the day, we really don’t have a choice,” Hayes said.

Hudson said they will also set up a secure cloud-storage system that will allow information to be easily shared between workers.

“If you provide access to members of your utility board, or members of the utility – whether they’re in the field or the office, they are able to go in there and view those assets,” Hudson said. “They can make critical decisions faster. The process of maintenance becomes much more efficient and cost-effective.”

Hudson said conditions that have to be met for ARP funding include creating a digital map over 75% of the water system, documenting current asset inventory and condition assessment, and developing an operation and maintenance plan.


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