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New Development Proposed Off Highway 70 Outside Baxter

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Development Proposed Off Highway 70 Outside Baxter

Putnam County Planning Commission got its first look Tuesday night at a 106-lot residential development planned just outside Baxter.

Planning Director Kevin Rush said the 55-acre lot sits between Prosperity Point and Laffew Road, off Highway 70. He said rather than a septic system, developers plan to install a step system for decentralized sewer. He said developers will have to work out the details with TDEC and return to the commission with phase one of a preliminary plat.

“They will have to get permits from T-DOT for their two proposed entrances,” Rush said. “One of the possibilities that was mentioned, T-DOT may not approve two entrances. It may make them improve Laffew Road as one of their entrances because it does adjoin the property.”

Rush said this would be the first subdivision of this size to move into the area, but the land just outside of Baxter is poised for substantial growth. He said he expects the process of securing approval from T-DOT and TDEC to take several months before a finalized plan is presented.

“It definitely adds a layer of complexity to it that we don’t see in a typical subdivision,” Rush said. “Working with TDOT, again, TDOT has gotten much more strict on allowing entry points onto the state route system.”

He said the proposed plan includes plots much smaller than what the commission typically sees, but lots this size are allowable with the implementation of a step system. He said the two proposed entrances on Highway 70 are less than 100 feet apart, which he does not expect T-DOT to permit. He said if details get worked out, the development could bring about several positives for Baxter and Putnam County.

“Having more people in that area around Baxter will be more people coming into Baxter to shop and take advantage of the great town that Baxter is,” Rush said. “So, there will be, obviously, more traffic and things of that nature, but there will be a benefit to Baxter.”

He said Baxter and Putnam County both stand to benefit from the increase in sales tax dollars that the 106 residential lots would bring in.


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