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Bockman Way Building Emergency Case, Sparta To Take Bids

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Bockman Way Building Emergency Case, Sparta To Take Bids

Sparta Aldermen declared the crumbling building at 33 West Bockman Way an emergency case, clearing the way for the demolition of the building.

Codes Officer Mike O’Neal said the city has given the building owner two weeks over the sixty days to take action required by city ordinance. O’Neal said neither the city nor T-DOT has any record of the owner filing the permits needed to close the road for demolition.

“Cannot determine how long the building will stand,” O’Neal said. “Maybe ten days, maybe ten minutes, maybe ten years. I’m not going to get in there and pry around to find out, and the city street does need to be reopened. I think it would be in our best interest to move forward in an emergency case.”

O’Neal said the city has attempted to contact the owner and has gotten no response. City officials will now begin taking bids to demolish the old hardware store.

City Attorney Caroline Sapp said the city has three options to collect payment if the demolition moves forward: a municipal lien, a special tax against the land, or filing an action in law or equity against the owner.

“Tomorrow evening we have our first Green Market,” O’Neal said. “Saturday night we’re going to have a sock hop. There’s possibilities that people are getting in and crossing under tapes.”

Mayor Jerry Lowery said City Administrator Tonya Tindle was almost injured when she was inside of it.

“She was covered with dust and just barely missed being hit by some bricks and stuff,” Lowery said. “And that was a real deal that happened. And we kind of joked about it, but she had dust all over her, correct? And I mean it was – if anyone had been there around, I don’t know what would have happened to them.”

In other business, aldermen approved an invoice for $105,895.97 for repairs made to a substation in the city.


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