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Cumberland Set To Sell Piece Of School Property

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland Set To Sell Piece Of School Property

Cumberland County School Board of Education wants to sell a portion of Genesis Road property subject to legal process.

The deed of the property assigned to the board in 1926. David Hill’s father gained a four fifths interest title to land during the 1950’s. Board Attorney Earl Patton said the school system can sell it, once it follows the outlined process.

“Just for the record that’s a negotiated sale that you are talking about,” Patton said. “It has to be published, so if the board intends to do that, We will do the legal work that needs to be done but according to the statute that has to be published.”

Hill and the board came to a mutual agreement to sell the property for four hundred dollars. Hill will gain four fifths of the property while a separate person of interest will gain one fifth.

“It is my understanding in regard to that question in 1926 the property was conveyed from Mr. Strand to the county board,” Hill said. “That deed was actually recorded in 1933, seven years later and I don’t understand that.”

Hill said there is a problem with the property description on the deed. The description of the deed describes trees, fences, and items that describe the old Genesis Road which is different than the current Genesis Road today.

“Almost seventy five years your family has been paying property taxes on that property,” 2nd District Board Member Robert Safdie said. “I find the value of the property to be low, I think maybe the first step is to surplus the property.”

Under T.C.A. 49-6-2006, the board of education may elect to transfer surplus real or personal property to the county or to any municipality within the county for public use, without the requirement of competitive bidding or sale. A negotiated sale can not be completed till thirty days after the publication of a legal notice. Two other options for the board is selling the property through internet auction or transferring the property to the county.


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