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Putnam EMA: Pay Attention Weather This Weekend

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam EMA: Pay Attention Weather This Weekend

Putnam County EMA Deputy Director Tyler Smith said it will be important to be weather aware during this holiday weekend, with the threat of storms all three days.

Smith said there is risk of flooding, damaging winds, and up to one inch of hail. Smith said it is important to take weather warnings seriously and have multiple different ways to receive weather warnings, such as different apps or a weather radio.

“The number one thing you need to have is a NOAA Weather Radio,” Smith said. “They’ll wake you up if you’re asleep at night, and they’re a battery back up, so if the power goes out you’re going to get that alert. And you can’t always rely on cell phones because sometimes those cell towers will go down, so you need an alternate way of getting those weather alerts.”

Smith said the areas of the county that usually deal with high water during heavy rains are at high risk of flooding during the weekend. He said people should never try to cross a flooded road. He said the severe weather will continue through Memorial Day, with the biggest tornado threat expected to start around midnight Sunday night and continue into Monday morning.

Residents should be monitoring the weather closely, especially if you plan on going outside for any reason, Smith said.

“We always say when thunder roars, go indoors, so if you’re going to be outside around the lake, just be monitoring the weather for the latest updates,” Smith said.

Smith said drivers need to be even more cautious of flooded roads when driving at night due to limited visibility.

“A lot of people take chances when there’s, you know, rising water on the roadways,” Smith said. “They try to go through that road that’s flooded and sometimes that road’s washed out. And we see people getting stranded when the road’s washed out or the car – it only takes two feet of water to pick a vehicle up and carry it downstream.”

“If you can’t see the road, don’t cross it.”

Editors Note: We will be watching the weather carefully all weekend. Keep your AM/FM Radio close by all weekend. Make sure you have batteries for both your AM/FM and NOAA Weather Radios. Set 93.3, 93.7, 94.1, 95.9, 96.9, 101.9, 104.7, 106.9 FM as your presets, AM 920 1600.


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