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Van Buren Non-Profit Looking for Volunteers

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren Non-Profit Looking for Volunteers

A non-profit called the Moms of Van Buren County, looking for volunteers.

The group hosts events for families to provide things to do. President and Founder Jessica Christenberry said they want to keep kids engaged in activities.

“That’s what we strive for we want to help the kids and we want them to have something to do,” Christenberry.  “There’s so much that you can just get into trouble with around here when you have nothing to do.”

The Moms Of Van Buren County will partner with the Van Buren County Chamber of Commerce to host a games portion for the Farmers Market June 15th from 10am-2pm. If interested in volunteering, visit the Moms of Van Buren County Facebook Group.

Christenberry said that the money raised by the non-profit goes towards helping families in need. Some ways they help families are paying for groceries, water bills, or electric bills up to $200 in exchange for volunteer help with upcoming events.

“In our area, Van Buren County itself we are very low-income family, we have a lot of homeless here and a lot of people that live in campers,” Christenberry said. “They need the help, they need the stuff to do and a lot of them are not able to really get out of the community, to go to other places and to travel, so it’s nice to have something here in the community where people don’t have to go very far for it.”

Christenberry said the objective is to help the community grow closer together.

“We always encourage people, please come, please bring your kid, we want to meet the new kids,” Christenberry said. “You know, we want our kids to become friends with other kids in the community, you know, there’s parents that have homeschooled kids that are a part of this, you know, it’s just a way for us just to be a tight net community.”

The non-profit started in November of 2022.


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