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Putnam Owners Receive Property Assessments

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Owners Receive Property Assessments

The Putnam County Property Assessor has sent out some 5,800 tax assessment notices to local residents and businesses.

Property Assessor Steve Pierce said the notices are not a tax bill. He said the letter provides residents and businesses with an opportunity to correct any errors that may appear on their property taxes later this year.

“If they have something that doesn’t look right or it seems, like, odd, you know we encourage them to call in and we’ll do an informal review,” Pierce said, “During this time period coming up in June, they can also appeal to the county board if we can’t come with something that’s satisfactory to them during the informal hearing.”

Pierce said that the majority of the assessment notices are for businesses with personal property such as raw materials and equipment. Pierce also said that companies that lease property like cars will be taxed on that as well, and any changes to a company’s fleet will appear on their assessment. Individual residents will be assessed based on changes to real estate property only.

“If there’s been a change in an assessment, appraisal value or anything from the previous tax year, you’ll receive a notice, which is a good law and it, those property owners should receive that notice,” Pierce said.

For the average Putnam County resident, Pierce said the assessment will only affect them if anything has changed on their property.

“It doesn’t mean a lot unless they have done something to their property, either, either increased something, square footage, or done something,” Pierce said. “The kind of type of improvement to that by adding a pool or they’ve removed a garage or something like that.”

The notices are required by the state to be sent out by May 20. Pierce said that residents who believe their assessment is inaccurate have the month of June to seek correction before the County Board of Equalization. Residents can contact the office at (931) 528-8428.


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