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Gainesboro Aldermen Vote To Repair Road Tile

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Aldermen Vote To Repair Road Tile

Gainesboro Aldermen will repair a collapsed tile on Baugh Hollow Road after it was damaged by county trucks.

The damage to the tile caused by trucks traveling to and from the county garage. Aldermen discussed the jurisdiction of the action, saying that while the road belonged to the city, it was county trucks causing the damage. Alderwoman Nancy Pruett.

“I’m glad we came to that decision tonight,” Pruett said. “It’s what’s best for our citizens and, you know, we raised taxes this past year and so we want to give back, you know, to our citizens because of that tax increase.”

Pruett said it received several concerned comments from citizens regarding the tile, including one resident who complained that the tile was sinking into the road from the rain. Pruett said that other bids for replacing the tile were more than double the current $8,000 sum. Pruett said she expects the new tile to last around a decade before it needs to be replaced again.

“We could do a fix that would be maybe $70,000 and it might last 20, 25, 30 years, or we could do this 8,000 that would probably last about ten, so, and it could last longer. But, so, that’s what we voted on to do tonight,” Pruett said.


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